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The Interior Design Studio offers bespoke and professional services and advice to those people wishing to make improvements to their own everyday living conditions or adapt an existing space for a different purpose.

You’ll want to make the absolute most from your available space, and I can help you do that. Whether it’s a business premises, your forever home, or you require a practical and stylish home office design, I’ll design you a pragmatic, innovative, and cost-effective solution.

As part of your free consultation meeting, you’ll receive a welcome pack and I’ll take you through the step by step process for your design. Each design project is unique, so when we work together the process will reflect that. I’ll work closely with you to achieve your design ambitions and provide you with the functionality and freedom you need to match your lifestyle.

What I do

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I work on residential, commercial, and hospitality new-builds, upgrades, and conversions – always looking for ways to increase the value of the property and improve the living and/or working conditions of those using the space.

My approach is a practical one, with sustainability at the forefront of any design. I’ll take advantage of existing materials wherever possible, and can source unique and bespoke materials, products, and artwork through my good working relationships with other artists, specialists, and contacts in the industry.

I’ll completely manage your interior design project from the initial conception and initiation, to the completion of the project. This will include producing full design specifications, all the architectural planning, and liaising and working with any architects required on the project.

Why I do It

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If you’ve read my story, you’ll know I discovered at a young age how the way a space is designed has a huge effect on the wellbeing of the people using it. Some examples may be less productivity in a workplace, a feeling of unease or unhappiness at home, or a need to move home as you grow older. I know these issues can be solved with intelligent and imaginative interior design. I’m passionate about:

  • Designing forever homes with the environment in mind and beautiful, healthier interiors that bring families closer together and minimise stress, allowing those who reside there to relax and unwind.
  • Improving working conditions by creating ergonomic and stylish eco-friendly workspaces that encourage teamwork and production.
  • Converting a house into a friendly, functional, and practical home that allows for aging in place.

How I do it

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Designing the perfect space for your needs is a process we’ll work on together, and it starts with you filling in the contact form or giving me a call. You’ll then receive your welcome pack and free consultation. A series of meetings will follow where we can discuss your needs and assess your property – reviewing its potential and discussing the solutions to any layout issues we might encounter. Once the key requirements of the brief have been identified, I can estimate the cost of the work to be done.

When this has been discussed and agreed with you the first of 3 payments will be due, after which I’ll create autoCAD drawings, and a 3D presentation of the proposed concept and design. Following your feedback, I’ll make any required adjustments to the brief and design, and we can sign contracts. The second payment – half the remaining balance – will now be due, followed by the implementation phase. This is where the building work starts, and I search out fabrics and materials, furniture, lighting, and accessories.

When the project is complete – first fix, second fix, etc – the final balance will be due. If you have a property, home office, or business space you’d like to transform into something exquisite yet functional, and you’re passionate about eco-conscious design, I’d love to work with you. Call me on 01603 971238 or 07930 141095, or pop into the studio and let’s have a chat.

“Agnieszka is a lovely woman, incredibly talented, and hard working. She is very creative and comes up with fantastic design ideas. She was only with me for ten days and in that time she totally reorganised and decorated my office. It is now functional and looks great. She also helped to declutter and energised me into action! She is interesting and thoughtful and a pleasure to host. I look forward to visiting her in Norwich and hope we stay in touch” – Jemma Allett

“Agnieszka spent a week with me and worked tirelessly to reorganise my house and me with it! No easy task. It has made a huge difference and I am very grateful for not only your hard work but also your considerable skills.” – Kenneth Moore

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